Discover the breathtaking view of Batanes for P10,000 All-In (5 Days 4 Nights)

If you don’t love reading, here’s my nakakahilong travel video in Batanes. 🙂 Just click this.

Batanes has been on my bucket list even before it was featured on a local blockbuster movie. I’ve been wanting to visit this place since 2012, however, my big problem has been the plane ticket. It’s a bit difficult to look for the cheapest fare since their flights are limited. There are only two airlines that offer direct flight to Batanes from Manila and these are Philippine Airlines and Skyjet. Regular fare starts from P7,000 to P10,000 for one way. But luckily, I was able to avail the promo of Skyjet last May 16, 2016. This offer was exclusive for walk-in customers in their office at Aseana, Macapagal. I bought my two-way ticket for P3,996 ONLY! Yeyyy! For tips on how to catch the cheapest airline ticket, please check my old post here.

Skyjet offers one flight per day to and from Batanes except Tuesdays and Thursdays. While Philippine Airlines also offers only one flight per day but daily. Both airlines offer only morning flights to and from Batanes with ETD (Estimated Time of Departure) around 7 or 8 o’clock.

The best time to visit Batanes is from the months of February to June since they usually experience typhoon from July to December. At first, we were kinda nervous about the weather on our chosen dates but because of Accuweather, one of my favorite travel apps, we became confident it would be a sunny week. Accuweather provides weather predictions on different cities all over the world.


Skyjet operates at NAIA Terminal 4 so we didn’t need to come early since it is a small airport. We took our breakfast at Seattle’s Best coffee shop located inside the boarding area. We then left Manila earlier than the departure time. Kudos Skyjet! 🙂  And also, thanks for the free water and fudgee bar. hahaha 😀




I always do DIY (Do-It-Yourself) travels but because my companions wanted a hassle-free travel, we availed a tour package by BISUMI Tour and Services. ‘Twas a good thing I was convinced because it was verrrryyy hot in Batanes that time so the van provided by Bisumi was a good relief after every skin-roasting tour. HAHAHA By the way, if ever you’ll be asked by BISUMI (thru their feedback form) on how did you learn about their agency, I’d appreciate it if you’ll write “” HAHAHA LOL

13866561_1357358650945508_187496050_n13867026_1357356714279035_1876210381_n (1)

The rate per person for the package we availed is P5, 900. This is a 3D2N (3 Days 2 Nights) tour in Batan North, Batan South & Sabtang Island which is inclusive of all government fees and permits, tour guide services, A/C Van for the tours and transfers, round trip boat rides to Sabtang, lunch and refreshments and dinner (Sabtang Island only).

DAY 1 North Batan Tour (Afternoon)

  • Lunch at Vunong Dinette
  • Boulder Beach in Chanpan Valugan
  • WWII Japanese Hideout/Tunnel
  • Basco Idjang Viewing
  • PAGASA “Tukon” Radar Station
  • Tukon Church (Mt. Carmel Chapel)
  • Vayang Rolling Hills
  • Lighthouse in Naidi Hills
  • Our Lady of Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral
















  • Travel to San Vicente Port and/or Radiwan Port in Ivana
  • Malakdang Lighthouse
  • Sinakan Stone Houses
  • Brgy. Savidug Stone Houses
  • Sto. Thomas Chapel
  • Savidug Idjang Viewing
  • Refreshments at Chamantad-Tinyan Viewpoint
  • Brgy. Chavayan Stone Houses
  • Souvenir Shopping/Picture taking (Ivatan headgears)
  • Sabtang Weavers Association
  • Sta. Rosa De Lima Chapel




















DAY 3 South Batan Tour 

  • Walking tour at Paderes Point and Cliff Road
  • Chawa Viewing Deck
  • Mahatao Boat Shelter Port
  • Mahatao Town Tour
  • San Carlos Borromeo Church
  • Blank Book Archive
  • Mahatao Spanish Lighthouse
  • Mahatao Tayid Lighthouse
  • Lo-Ran Old Naval Base
  • Our Lady of Miraculous Medal in Itbud
  • San Antonino de Florencia Church in Uyugan
  • Honesty Store
  • San Jose de Ivana Church and Ruins
  • House of Dakay and Old Spanish Bridge



“Blow Ur Horn” signs are almost everywhere






Blank Book Archive where you can write your Batanes experience or memories.






For Day 4, we just slept the whole morning. HAHAHA In the afternoon, we bought souvenirs at BISUMI souvenir shop. I highly recommend this shop because they have unique and beautiful designs for shirts (cotton or dri-fit, P180-P250), ref magnets, wallets, bags and etc. Around 4 pm , we decided to go the Fountain of youth but were not able to do so because it closes at 5 pm. Sad. We just then went to the White Beach instead. The sand is not that white though, the beach is full of corals (so ouchy to the feet LOL), and I don’t recommend this for your kids because some areas that don’t have corals are deep. I suggest you go biking. 🙂 Some hotels offer free rent for bicycles while there are stores that charge P25 each for unlimited use. If you have your license, you can also rent a motor.


Triple M Homestay is very near to the airport. The terminal fee is P100. Our flight back to Batanes is 7:45am. This has been the saddest part of my every getaway- flying back to Manila. Haaaay. But I will surely come back for you my dear Batanes!!! 🙂 For a prenup shoot perhaps? HAHAHAHAHA


We stayed at Triple M Homestay (Marfel Lodge extension) during our stay at Batan. We met Miss Marfel on our first day stay and she was very accommodating and friendly. The rate per person is P400 (fan room) or P600 (A/C) with a common bathroom. We only used stand fans on our first day and A/C on our third and fourth day. We only paid P200 each on our second day since we didn’t sleep there, we just left some of our bags in our room. You can cook in their kitchen and buy snacks or food at their honesty store. One thing I really love about Batanes is its people. They’re very honest and trustworthy. Other motor owners even leave the keys in their motors outside their house. When you rent a bicycle, you don’t need to leave an id or something as a security deposit. I bet Honesto is from Batanes. Harhar.


Our stay in Sabtang is my favorite part of our tour. Our overnight stay here is not included in the package so we paid P500 each to Nanay Ading. 🙂 It has two comfort rooms, two beds, a videoke machine for singers wannabe out there hahaha, television (with cable, aha!), refrigerator and my favorite part, it has the BEST view of Sabtang Island!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂  The best afternoon nap of my life happened there. 😀 I slept on a cliff with the amazing view of the ocean on my left and of the beautiful mountain on my right. 🙂 And during that night, the sky was full of staaaarrrrs! The moon was shining so bright! That night was truly amazing. So, I highly recommend this place! And I also recommend that you stay overnight at Sabtang. 🙂




The following are the restaurants we tried at Batanes. Some of which are a bit pricey if you just eat alone but of course, cheaper when shared with your travel buddies. 😀





With BISUMI Tours & Services:

  •  Plane Ticket via Skyjet                            P3,996
  • Tour Package                                               P5,900
  • Sabtang Lighthouse Stay                        P500
  • Triple M Homestay                                   P1,800
  • Meals                                                             P1,000
  • Rental Fee (Bicycle)                                  P25
  • Tricycle Fare                                                 P200
  • Terminal Fee (Basco Airport)                P100
  • Miscellaneous                                             P200

                                                             TOTAL:        P13,721

If DIY (Do-It-Yourself)

  • Plane Ticket (via Skyjet)                                                                   P3,996
  • Triple M Home stay (Fan Room for 3 days)                                P1,200
  • Sabtang Lighthouse Stay                                                                  P500
  • Meals (depends on your hunger and appetite haha)               P1500
  • North Batan Tricycle Tour (P500 each, min of 2pax)               P500
  • South Batan Tricycle Tour (P750 each, min of 2 pax)               P750
  • Sabtang Tricycle Tour (P400 each, min of 2 pax)                       P400
  • Eco Tourism Fee (to be paid upon arrival at the airport)        P350
  • Basco-Ivatan Port and vice versa Tricyle Fare                           P250
  • Sabtang Boat Ride (two-way)                                                          P150
  • Sabtang Environmental Fee                                                             P200
  • Rental Fee (Bicycle)                                                                            P25
  • Rental Fee (Ivatan Costume)                                                           P20
  • Terminal Fee (Basco Airport)                                                          P100

                                                                           TOTAL:            P9,941

If you have noticed, it’s really cheaper if you won’t travel ALONE. hahaha So better bring your sibling, your best friend, your kalandian, your ex (if you haven’t moved on yet! LOL) or your FOREVER! Achuchu! hahaha

Batanes is really a very very beautiful place. She’ll surely break your heart upon leaving. 😦 I’ll see you again soon, Batanes! 🙂



If you have any comments or questions, feel free to leave a comment! 🙂 I hope you enjoyed reading! 😀 I also hope you find this useful for your Batanes getaway soon! 🙂 That’s all folks! :*





Credits to my companions for some photos above. LOL



Korean Film Locations

Annyeonghaseyo! Hello everyone! 🙂

I prepared an easy challenge to all Korean series fanatics out there. 😀 I took all of these shots when I was in South Korea. Some of which didn’t match the place perfectly but at least I tried y’know. HAHAHA So for every picture below, tell me the title of the film (1 point), the name of the character/s on the photo (2 points each) and a short description of the scene (5 points). GAME? 😀 Write down your answers and we’ll check it at the end of this post. HAHAHA

The heirs
the heirs 2222.jpg
that winter the wind blows
My love from the star
winter sonata


Have you answered all the questions already? 😀


Great! 🙂 Here are the answers……….. Good luck! 😀


1. HEARTSTRINGS (You’ve fallen for me). Park Shin Hye (Lee Gyu Won or Nicole) and Jung Yong-hwa (Lee Shin or Kevin). This was when Gyu Won left the house for the camping trip and bumped into Shin outside their house. (Episode 9). This took place in Bukchon Hanok Village, for the complete direction to this place, check my other post here.

2. BOYS OVER FLOWERS. Lee Min Ho (Gu Jun Pyo). Jun Pyo asked Geum Jan Di to meet her at Namsan Tower. It was freezing cold that time but Jun Pyo still waited for Jan Di to arrive. This is one of my favorite scenes because they were locked inside the deck and they slept together inside the cable car HAHAHA (Episode 4). For direction to Namsan Tower, click here.

3 and 4. THE HEIRS (The Inheritors). Lee Min Ho (Kim Tan) and Park Shin Hye (Cha Eun Sang). Cha Eun Sang was absent from school to avoid Kim Tan. She spent the day wandering the city streets until Kim Tan found her inside the cinema. He followed her out while keeping his distance until she stopped in front of a store while staring at the dreamcatcher (Episode 9). This is actually an egg tart cafe named Pastel de Nata, just click here for the direction.

5. THAT WINTER THE WIND BLOWS (Wind blows in the winter). Jo In Sung (Oh Soo or Xander) and Song Hye Kyo (Oh Young or Yonna). Young claimed that Soo only went there for the money. Soo followed her outside to explain but when he tried to grab her arm and called her “the sister that I love”, she whipped around with her cane which gave him a minor cut on the cheek (Episode 2). This was filmed at Jade Garden, to know how to get to this place, just click this.

6. MY LOVE FROM THE STAR (You from another star). Kim Soo Hyun (Do Min Joon or Matteo Do) and Jun Ji Hyun (Cheon Song Yi or Steffi Cheon). Cheon Song Yi fell asleep until midnight while waiting to film her scene. She was all alone in the place but when she almost fell to the ground, Do Min Joon was able to save her. She got mad at him for playing with her feelings. She turned around but Do Min Joon suddenly did some magic, he switched on all the lights and Cheon Song Yi floated on air towards him. “What are you doing?”, she asked. He answered, “The most selfish thing I can” —- then HE KISSED HER!!! (Episode 15). This took place at Petite France, just click here for the direction.

7. PRINCESS HOURS. Yoon Eun Hye (Chae Kyung Shin or Princess Janelle) and Ju Ji Hoon (Crown Prince Lee Shin or Prince Gian). Chae Kyung Shin wanted to show Prince Lee Shin the world she used to live in. She took him for an ordinary date in one of the busiest streets in South Korea – Myeongdong. They ended their date with a kiss at the center of the crowd, sweetest thing ever! (Episode 23). For direction to Myeongdong Shopping Street, just click this.

8. ENDLESS LOVE – WINTER SONATA. Bae Yong Joon (Kang Joon Sang/ Lee Min Hyeong or Jun Kang) and Choi Ji Woo (Jeong Yoo Jin or Janice Jung). I honestly can’t remember the exact scene for this photo. hahaha. I guess this was just a promotional poster for the film. 😀 This was filmed at Namiseon Island which got very famous because of this film. They built a life-size statue for the main characters located at the spot where they first kissed. Click my previous post here for direction.
There you go folks, did you get a perfect score? HAHAHA What’s the best film for you according to the list above? 🙂 I hope you enjoyed answering and reminiscing at the same time those funny, sweet and happy moments of these different films. I actually wanted to prepare more of these but I didn’t have enough time. I still hope though that you enjoyed reading this post. Kamsahamnida! 🙂



If you want a hassle-free K-Drama experience, you may avail a tour package by clicking the link below. 🙂
Seoul K-drama Shooting Spots: 1 Day Small Group City Tour

DAY 1 of 5 Days 4 Nights in South Korea: Incheon Airport, Myeongdong Shopping Street

Hello there! 🙂 If you haven’t read my post yet about Travel Guide to South Korea, you can check it out first before  reading my DAY 1 itinerary because some things were already mentioned there. Thank you! :*

DAY 1.

We arrived at NAIA Terminal 3 around 3 o’clock in the morning because our departure time to South Korea via AirAsia was at 7:00 am. We looked for the entrance gate assigned to AirAsia. The gate doesn’t really matter actually. You can choose any  gate with shorter queues. Ssshh! 😀 We paid for our travel tax which was P1, 650. Facing the airport, it’s located on the left side near the exit area in the third floor. There are different rates for travel tax, see table below. travel tax

Next, we checked-in our baggage, we’ve had 20kg baggage allowance because of too many coats, hello winter! 😀 Since our ticket  was booked after February 2015, we didn’t have to pay for the terminal fee of P550 because it was already included in our plane ticket.

Before lining up for immigration, we completely filled up a departure card (this should be given by the airline staff upon checking-in). Since South Korea is a visa-required country for Filipinos, there were no so many questions being asked by the officer unless you’re holding a different visa other than the tourist one or you have worked in South Korea before. So for legit tourists, just prepare your return ticket, hotel booking and travel authority (for Government employees) or DSWD clearance (for minors not traveling with his parent/s).

We were very early so we still had time for brekky! Yey! We took our breakfast at Tapa King for around P150 per person.



Annyeonghaseyo!!! :)))))

We arrived at Incheon Airport around 12nn (SoKor time). South Korea is 1 hour ahead of the Philippines. Their airport is very big that we needed to ride an airport train from the building of arrival gates to the passenger terminal (immigration, custom, baggage claim and exit). It took us one and a half hour for immigration clearance because there were many tourists. Make sure to get your arrival card and passport ready for immigration and custom’s declaration form for yeah, custom. 🙂

Allowed and cleared. Yey!

We initially planned to rent a pocket wifi for our entire stay in SoKor. The price per day was reasonable (5,000 KRW or P210) but the rental fee for the gadget wasn’t. LOL. It was around 200,000 KRW (P8500) . OHEMGEE!!! so we decided not to rent anymore. haha. And glad we were right because wifi in South Korea is almost everywhere. Yezzz!!!

Next, we exchanged our US dollars to Korean Won at Shinhan bank because they offer discount of 1,100 KRW (P45) for AREX (Train from Incheon to Seoul) Tip: Buy Korean won in the Philippines. No need to exchange from Php to USD then to KRW in Korea, value decreases 😦 We bought some of our KRW at NAIA terminal 2 arrival area Money Exchange and some at Incheon airport.

We took a lot of flyers at the Tourist booth. hahaha

Then we headed to KFC. I bought the largest meal for 7,700 KRW (P325)  because I was so hungry and there were no any rice meals in the menu. 😦

After eating, we then looked for a convenience store and bought our T-Money cards for 2,500 KRW (P105)  each.

There are many options for transportation from Incheon Airport to Seoul.

BUS: The ticket booths for the Airport Bus are located near Gates 4 and 9 inside the arrival area and near Gates 4, 6, 7,  8, 11, 13 and 9C outside the airport. Deluxe bus costs around 14,000 to 15,000 KRW (P635) while the standard bus costs 9,000 to 10,000 KRW (P420). 1 1/2 to 2 hours travel time. There are different buses for some station or destination in Seoul, if you’re bound to Myeongdong Station, you can take BUS 6001 or BUS 6015. For more options, check this link.

TRAIN: AREX 8,000 KRW (P340) each, 45 minutes travel time

PRIVATE CAR: 80,000 KRW (P3,400) fixed rate for the whole group, max of 8. 1 to 1/2 hour travel time. They can drop you straight to your hotel. For reservation/booking, email Mr. Jacob Jung at They also offer daily tours within Seoul or to Gapyeong (Nami Island) or to Everland. I recommend this for group tours, for more details check their page here.


We took the AREX train because there were only 3 of us. Cheaper! 😀

but kinda hassle because we needed to transfer station from Seoul to Myeongdong while carrying our heavy luggages. huhuhu Fare:1,250 KRW (P50) We arrived at 24 Namsan Garden Guesthouse around 5 o’clock in the afternoon. For detailed instruction from the airport to the guesthouse, check this link.

We unpacked our things, changed to thicker clothes then yey! Foodtrip begins! hahaha

Myeongdong Shopping street is the make-up capital of Seoul. There are more than a hundred local and foreign cosmetics  store!!! To the left, to the right, turn-around, everywhere! hahaha


But we were not after that, we were more excited with the different food stalls at the center of the road which are only there at night, fyi. LOL. Their street food are expensive. We bought only one for each kind then divided it into three. #tipidmoves haha (Click to enlarge image :D)

After reaching the end of the street with a heavy tummy, we then decided to try a cafe within the area. There are many cat and dog cafes in Myeongdong but we wanted to visit Hello Kitty cafe. 🙂 We tried their hot chocolate which costs 4,500 KRW (P190) . I took a video inside the cafe which will be included in my South Korea video (to be uploaded soon :D) So sorry if I only have few photos here. LOL

We really enjoyed our stay in this cafe, in fact, we stayed until the owner asked us to leave the place because they were closing already! hahaha Time to go home! 🙂

Thank you for reading folks! 🙂 Click here for DAY 2 and here for DAY 3. 😀



Travel Video in South Korea

For a hassle-free South Korea travel, you may avail ticket or tour packages for different travel essentials or activities by clicking the links below:

Seoul City Tour Bus Ticket

Incheon/Gimpo Airport ↔ Seoul Transfer – Airport Taxi (24/7)

Korea Portable Wifi (T Mifi) Rental (Pick up from Seoul & Busan)

Kimchi Making & Tteokbokki Cooking Class in Myeongdong

How to catch the cheapest airline ticket

We can get to our travel destinations by a private car, bus, train or ferry but it’s the plane that brings us to more exciting places on Earth. More exciting means more pricey. hahaha But don’t worry, I have prepared some airline-booking tips to somehow help you tick off items from your bucketlist. 🙂


First, if you’re comfortable using mobile apps, download one or two from my list of suggested apps:

  • Expedia
  • Skyscanner
  • Kayak
  • Philippine Flights

You can easily check available flights on your chosen dates, compare prices among airlines and choose the best option for the departure and arrival time of flights. Or if you’re a loyal customer of a particular airline, you can also download their app from the app or play store for free.


Second, subscribe or register as a member. Most of the airline companies offer online membership on which you gain points whenever you book a flight then you can use these points to book another flight. And also, they notify you through email every time they have promo fares. For Filipino travelers, we have Mabuhay Miles for Philippine Airlines, Big Shot for AirAsia and GetGo for Cebu Pacific. When you already have an account, complete the information about you and your frequent companions ahead of time so that when you’re catching a promo fare, you don’t need to fill everything out all over again. It saves a lot of time, I swear! Don’t forget that catching a promo fare is a tough competition, like every second really counts! Tick tock! Tick tock! hahaha


Third, follow their pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or in any platform that you regularly use. This, for me, is the fastest way to get promo updates because I use Facebook everyday. LOL


Fourth, most of those who catch promo fares are the ones who use credit cards. But if you don’t have one, debit cards are also accepted by some airlines. I mentioned about travel fund in my previous post so if you’re using an atm for that fund, it’s better if it can also be used to book tickets online (e.g. Visa and MasterCard debit cards). While some people book online then pay over-the-counter (banks or payment centers), there is no guarantee that the booked flight is still available before payment.


Fifth, read travel magazines or airline magazines during your flight to get updates from their upcoming promo especially on their new flights which are usually 50-70% off the regular price. And also, sometimes they announce photo contest and obviously the price is a trip to somewhere-you-have-never-been-to, exciting! hahaha


Sixth, no insurance, no snacks or flight meals, no seats, no checked-in baggage. Regarding INSURANCE, it’s really up to you. LOL. But if you’re still unsure of your travel dates, you must avail this so you can rebook your flight or change passenger’s name for a cheaper fee. And if you have many dependents, insurance is a must! haha SNACKS or MEALS, if it’s a long flight, why not or just bring your own. Or just sleep throughout the flight, surely no additional charges. haha PAL always offers free snacks btw. 🙂 SEATS, for daddy long legs and his relatives, choosing a seat is needed for comfy travel. But if you’re not choosy, don’t purchase a seat online. Upon checking in through a self-service check-in kiosk at the airport, you can actually select a seat but unfortunately, this is not available in some airlines. I am only able to do this with Cebu Pacific. Of course, you need to be early because it’s on a first-come first-served basis. BAGGAGE, this is not really a problem for backpackers like Dora. haha You decide for yourself, you can do it! LOL 😀


Seventh, some people think that you can only check-in online (web check-in) if you have no checked-in baggage, wrong! Even if you have checked-in baggage, you can still check-in online, print an electronic boarding pass or make use of the airline kiosks at the airport then just proceed to the bag-drop or web check-in counters. If you have noticed, these counters always have shorter queues than the regular ones.


Eighth, attend any Travel Expo events. There are so many great travel deals and package tours being offered and surprisingly low fares for big airlines! Just make sure you prepare your credit card and cash. haha And don’t forget to get flyers because they’re very helpful especially in preparing DIY itineraries. In the Philippines, this usually takes place in SMX Convention Center, MOA, Pasay.

So there you go loves, I hope my tips sounded useful to you. 😀 If you want to add some of your tips here, just comment below! 🙂 Thanks for reading! 😉



Plan and save for your next travel

Whether you’re still studying, already working, or handling a business, there will always be a moment when you just wanna escape from the reality and break free! You wanna hold your passport instead of your fully-highlighted book or you wanna hear the airline crew calling your name instead of your boss asking you to separate 3-in-1 coffee.


“When?” “Where?” “How much is the budget?”

These are our usual questions when someone invites us to travel.


If you’re a student, you just need to consider exam dates, holidays or the time when your strict parentals would allow you. hahaha

But if you’re an employee, you just need to be super friendly with your boss! LOL! Kidding. You should have a list of the holidays (national and regional) and long weekends of the year. Check this out for 2016.


We have different choices of travel destination and they sometimes depend on our personalities, hobbies, fears and companions! hahaha “Eh pag kasama ba naman si crush, choosy ka pa ba?” LOL With regard to fears, my friend, who has fear of heights and deep water, prefers city tours than the beach. But if you were a mermaid in your past life, you’d surely love swimming, snorkeling, cliff diving, surfing and the like. Some would prefer mountain-climbing, skydiving, trying local delicacies and attending festivals or visiting historical places. I will write about best places for these activities soon. 🙂

So if you already have a place in mind, these are the things that you need to consider:

  1. Transportation (my next blog will be about airline and hotel-booking tips 🙂 )
  2. Low and High Seasons (to avoid high hotel rates and other fees)
  3. Travel requirements (will surely write about this also :D)
  4. Available itineraries on the net, travel blogs and reviews
  5. Language or dialect (it helps if you know few common phrases) Try this.
  6. Currency and cost of living
  7. Must-try restos or activities, their rates and operating hours or days
  8. Safety and security
  9. Weather or season (for appropriate OOTDs haha)
  10. Guesthouses, backpackers inn and hotels
  11. Availability of ATMs (Make sure to call your bank and give travel advice if you’re flying outside the country so you can use your ATMs abroad)
  12. Network signals or mobile phone coverage
  13. Plug and socket types being used by other countries. Click Me.


If money is not a problem for you, you may skip this part. 😀 Otherwise, please continue! 🙂

No matter how excited you are on your next trip, if your pocket says “No!”, sorry but it’s really a “NO!!!” haha Kidding. Don’t worry, the following tips might help you. 🙂

  1. Set a travel fund (keep it in a piggy bank or in a separate atm if you have one)
  2. Weeks or months before your travel, try to cut down your expenses. Whenever you’re craving for an extra rice, imagine the beach or the new city you’re about to explore. By this simple tactics, you’re not just saving money, you’re also helping your body be summer-ready! 😀
  3. Invite more friends to have lower share in your hotel expenses or package tour rates
  4. Better yet, invite your parents! haha They’ll be your great financers! 😀
  5. Try your luck by joining any contests sponsored by different travel agencies
  6. Sell unnecessary items in your cabinet (like the ones given by your ex? Aww! haha)
  7. Wait for promo fares (will elaborate this on my next blog)
  8. Read travel blogs or magazines (they sometimes give discount coupons or codes for hotels)
  9. If you were being introduced to someone who is from another place or province, set a friendly connection right away. haha Who knows, she might offer a free accommodation if you’ll visit their place soon. 🙂 #strangerswithfuturebenefits LOL

That’s all for now loves! :* If you want to add some of your tips here, just comment below! 🙂 Thanks for reading! 😉