2D1N BALER Travel Guide

You can check my Baler video blog here or just continue reading. 😀

BALER is one of the famous surfing spots in the Philippines. It is the provincial capital of Aurora, located in the eastern part of Central Luzon region.


The cheaper way to get to Baler is by taking any bus from Metro Manila to Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija (P190) then from Cabanatuan to Baler via bus or van (P250).

If you want a direct trip, Genesis Transport, Inc. is the only bus line that provides a direct route from Cubao to Baler. For more information, visit their official website at www.genesistransport.com.ph or you may call (+632)709-0545 and (+632)441-6834 or visit them at G/F Genesis Transport Building 704 EDSA Corner New York St., Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines 1109. Travel time from Cubao to Baler is 6 to 7 hours for P450 (Standard A/C).

genesis schedule

But if you want a comfy travel or the fastest way possible like what we did, choose JoyBus, the Executive/Deluxe coach of Genesis Transport, Inc.

joy bus.JPG

We left Cubao Terminal around 1 o’clock in the morning and arrived at Balete Park around 5:30 (earlier than expected) that was why we had a spooky experience because it was still dark. Dogs were howling and some were getting close to us. Waaaahhhh!!!! We were holding hands while saying all the prayers we know. HAHAHAHA It was quite a long walk from the highway to Balete Park. Good thing a concerned guy, who have noticed how scared we were, allowed us to hop on his humble “delivery” tricyle. LOL.

Baler (48)


It was prohibited to climb the tree but I was willing to pay for the penalty. Hihi If you’re curious, I climbed through its roots. #TarzanMode

Baler (42)
Inside the Balete Tree

Entrance fee: P10 for adults, P5 for kids.


Delicious!!! 🙂


A tour guide from the park approached us and offered to do some tricky shots like the ones posted above. He also accompanied us inside the Balete tree and took more photos. I forgot how much did we pay him, guess ’twas P200.

Obviously, the tricycle (a motorcycle with an attached sidecar) is the main mode of transportation around Baler. And that’s my favorite seat. HAHAHA


From Balete Park to Ditumabo, the fare was P100. Then from the Ditumabo tricycle terminal to the starting area of the trek (four-kilometer struggling trip for the tricy hahaha), the fare was also P100. We were advised to hire a tour guide while trekking to the falls so we hired manong driver as our tour guide. HAHAHA We paid him a total of P500 or P6oo? I forgot. LOL

Entrance fee: P30

It took us an hour to get to the falls but we certainly love the experience! Truly unforgettable! 🙂


The very very cold water didn’t stop us from taking a dip. We were the second group to arrive here so we were able to enjoy the falls as much as we wanted to. HAHAHA If you’re planning to go here, take the earliest tour to avoid photobombers. LOL

Baler (47)

One of my favorite shots during our Baler trip. It made me miss my brothers. HUHUHU


Yey! 🙂 Baler beybbehhhh! 😀 I forgot the name of our hotel/lodge. Sorry. But there are a lot of affordable rooms in Baler and there are also expensive ones, some even have pools. So it depends on you. But since we were on a tight budget, haha, we chose the cheapest  one available which was P1,700 per night for the three of us already.


We weren’t able to try their food but I just took a photo ‘coz I like their concept. HAHA




For our lunch, we tried the famous Gerry’s buffet for P200 only.


Entrance fee: P35 good for two sites already (Museo de Baler and Balay ni Aurora)

This is just a small museum but I still recommend the place because of the artifacts and paintings about the history of Aurora. I didn’t post everything  inside the museum ‘coz I want you to appreciate them with your own eyes. 🙂




Baler (123)

This was my first surfing experience. I failed on my first attempt but after my instructor told me not to look at the board and just look straight to the shore, I finally did it! Yeyyy! Then repeated it for more than fifty times. LOL Got addicted right away. HAHAHA We paid P250 for the surf board and P100 for the instructor, so a total of P350 for a one-hour surf. If you have noticed, I wore different swimwear in the photos above because we surfed both on our first and second day stay. 😀


Baler (76)

Meet my beautiful Baler travel buddies Hafz (center) and Dimple (right) 🙂


Another favorite part of our Baler trip was our trek to Baler Lighthouse which we did on our second day. It was very challenging ‘coz the way to the top was so steep and a bit slippery and we only had stones and roots as our support. It was a bit exhausting for non-active girls like us. HAHAHA

But when we already reached the top, we suddenly forgot the pain after witnessing the most amazing view of Baler.

12895275_1258958700785504_524133088_nBaler (107)_edited

My girls have fear of heights (notice Hafz’ hands hahaha) but so what, they still made it! hahaha Proud of you girls! *mwah*

12899657_1258957910785583_1764152088_nBaler (53)_editedBaler (79)_editedBaler (22)

The last photo above was the scariest pose I’ve ever done in my life because I was standing on the topmost-slash-prohibited-slash-most dangerous spot in the Lighthouse. HAHAHA. My buddies were the ones who felt more nervous and our tour guide was begging me repetitively to go down since his license as a tour guide will be cancelled if something bad happened to me. Sorry po. 😀

Baler (109)_edited.jpg


Our tour guide said that Baler was washed away by a tidal wave in the 17th century. Thousands of lives were lost and only few families survived when they went up to the nearby hill which is now known as the Ermita Hill.



Baler (63)_editedBaler (96)_edited



We bought our souvenir shirts and fridge magnets at the Pasalubong center. Then for delicious homemade products and goodies, we went to Nanay Pacing Pasalubong store. Our tricycle driver was also our tour guide for the second day. From Baler Lighthouse, Ermita Hill, Hanging Bridge and Pasalubong center, we gave him P1000.

We were not able to reserve a bus going back to Manila but our tour guide contacted a van driver for us going to Cabanatuan. We just then rode a bus from Cabanatuan to Cubao. We arrived in Manila around 10pm.

That’s all folks! 🙂 I wish to go back to Baler very soon! 😉




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