DAY 5 in South Korea: Nandaemun Market and Incheon Airport

Finally, here’s the last day of our 5 DAYS 4 NIGHTS in South Korea. huhuhu

Since it was the last day, it was time for SOUVENIR SHOPPING!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

If your hotel is just within Myeongdong, there is a souvenir shop near Myeongdong Station Exit 6. It’s located at the back of the big Uniqlo shop. The name of the shop is Myoung Dong LOVE.


They sell souvenir items such as ref magnets, pens, nailcutters, keychains, bags, wallets and the like. However, I only bought few items on this shop (see photos below) because based on some blogs or reviews, they are a lot cheaper when bought in Nandaemun Market.

I only recommend Myoung Dong Love if you’re in a hurry or if you lack time for souvenir shopping. But if you’re really looking for cheap ones so you can buy more items because you have soooo many friends like us HAHAHA then Nandaemun Market is the place to be. Chos! 😀

Nandaemun Market is the largest traditional market in Korea with over 10,000 shops. It is located at 21 Namdaemunsijang 4-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul. The closest station to this market is Hoehyeon which is just actually the next station to Myeongdong (Line 4) then just take Exit 5. However, we took a cab going there because it was raining that time. Fare was 3,000KRW.

Nandaemun Market has so many inexpensive things to offer from souvenir items, shirts, jewelries, fabrics, housewares, toys, appliances and food stalls. After comparing some souvenir shops, this one below is the cheapest.


I cannot give the exact direction but I took some photos near the shop. 😀

If you’re looking for shirts, we found a shop which offers the cheapest price but with a good quality. That was why I bought a dozen. 😀 It’s located in front of the Cafe Wave & Deli.

The candies and chocolates were just bought at a convenience store. They are very affordable but since they’re from Korea, they look “Wow!” already hahaha. The rest were from Myeongdong and Nandaemun Market. I bought card wallets (for myself and mom), soju glass or shot glass (for my alcoholic friend haha), pens (for my officemates), nail-cutters (for friends and siblings), ref magnets (for random “Saan pasalubong ko?” friends haha), souvenir plate (for my living room) and shirts (for my family).  I apologize if I cannot give the exact prices for each item but my estimate for all these items is around 70,000KRW. 

By the way, we already checked out from the guesthouse before we went Souvenir Shopping and we just left our baggage at the ground floor.


And here’s our photo with the nice manager or owner. I highly recommend Namsan Garden Guesthouse!  Thumbs up! 🙂

We went to the airport by a private car. Car rental fee was 8,000KRW, it’s better if you’re traveling in a group, max of 8 people. Check my post about DAY 1 for more info about this service. Travel time to airport from Myeongdong is an hour and a half. We took a light dinner at Chicken & Beer. Price for Crispy Fried Chicken with Hot Sauce was 6,500KRW (4 pcs).

That’s all for DAY 5 folks. 😉

Please do check my Travel Guide to South Korea , DAY 1, DAY 2, DAY 3 and DAY 4 if you want. 😀

Thank you and see you again very soon, South Korea! 🙂 🙂 🙂



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4 thoughts on “DAY 5 in South Korea: Nandaemun Market and Incheon Airport

  1. Hi. I’m from mindanao. I’m wondering how much po ba lahat ng gastos nyo?? From the guesthouse, transpo,food at entrance fees?? My friends and I are planning to save up some money and go to KOREA next year(autumn)).


    1. Hi Jaykaye! 🙂 Hmm I think my total expense was around 35k 🙂 Super foodtrip and super pasalubong or souvenir shopping na yan HAHAHA But if just the basic, 20-25k is enough for 5-7 days 🙂


  2. May i ask if i can buy the nailcutter which is on the left side of your photo color blue. I broke the one that my girl friend gave her aunt and I’m on serious trouble.
    Please shoot me in the mail for your response.


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