Travel Tour Expo 2016


PTAA (Philippine Travel Agency Association) Travel Tour Expo is an annual event and this year is actually their 23rd travel expo. I attended last year’s expo just to get a lot of ideas (or should I say flyers hahaha) for my South Korea 2015 trip. 😀 Entrance Fee: P60 (General admission) and P40 (Senior Citizen). There will be a lot of photos below so just click them to enlarge or zoom! 🙂

If you already have a travel agency or hotel in mind, you can look up to the giant directory outside the complex. 12650334_1220862021261839_1258196932_n (1)



There are creative booths per country such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. We were really surprised with the performance by Thailand. HAHAHA Gosh!!! They are sexier and prettier than us, real girls! LOL Amaaazzing!!! 😀


Meet my S.O.S. Denise and Joel, my future travel buddies soon! Excited! 🙂


Some of the prices posted above are exclusive of airfare or they’re just land arrangements so kindly read the complete inclusion of their offers. 🙂 Click photos to enlarge! 😀 There are almost a hundred of participating travel agencies so it would be very tiresome to compare prices from one booth to another. HAHAHA So I suggest, you set a budget ahead and when you find an offer which is the same or cheaper than that, gorabels! 🙂 You still need to fall in line for a couple of minutes though that’s why you should not use a lot of time comparing prices among all the agencies. LOL.


Most of the prices posted above are their exclusive rates for the expo and some have limited seats so better hurry and decide for your next travel now! 😀 For Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific (maybe some airlines too), they give queue numbers in the morning so don’t expect that you will be entertained by them in the afternoon. LOL


(singing) Baby let’s cruise away from here… I love it when we’re cruisin’ together!

Next year please!!!! 😦


These are just some of the hotels. They offer discounted prices and sell gift certificates too.


There are also exclusive rates for amusement parks and museum such as Star City, Mind Museum, Ocean Park and Splash Island. I forgot to take a picture of Enchanted Kingdom but I remember they offer unlimited entrance pass for a year for only P2,500.


Well, it’s a travel expo so expect various boutiques that sell different travel essentials such as trolleys, luggage covers, passport holders, swimming gears and the like. Most of them are on sale so yaaahooo! hahaha 😀 I bought some for my next travel, yezzz!!! 🙂

FOOD. yes, FOOD!

There are only few food stalls in the expo, it’s located on the left side facing the complex.

There you go loves, I hope you find this post useful. hahaha You still have two days for this year’s PTAA expo (February 6 and 7). 🙂 Or if you’re still busy, see you next year! 😀




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