DAY 4 in South Korea: Everland Theme Park and Noraebang Experience (KTV)

I apologize for the very late update regarding my South Korea travel, I’ve been very busy with my work. 😦 Well, here it is guys, DAY 4 in South Korea! 🙂

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If you’ve already read our DAY 3, we ended that day on DAY 4 hahaha because we slept at Dragon Hill Spa until six o’clock in the morning. LOL.

Alright, DAY 4.

We started this day with a brunch at MCDO, Myeongdong.

Deluxe Shrimp Burger Meal – 4,500KRW (P215)  (not that tasty, lacks some spices)

Caramel Macchiato – 3,000KRW (P143) (so yummy haha)

Churros – 1,500KRW (P71.50) (tastes okay, no dips)

We were supposed to leave the guesthouse at 8am but since we were more than 3 hours late, we left Myeongdong around 12 noon and arrived at Everland at 2pm. huhuhu

Everland is a theme park at the Everland Resort in Yongin, a city in Gyeonggi-do province. It is the largest theme park in South Korea. You can reach Everland through a cab, a private car or a bus. The bus terminal to Everland that I know is in Gangnam. I think there are other bus terminals so just google it up and find the one which is nearer to your hotel. 🙂 From Myeongdong Station to Gangnam, fare was 1,350KRW (P65).


Unexpectedly, we found a good secondhand shop or flea market at Sadang station. There are a lot of super affordable but nice winter coats, blazers, shirts, jeans and authentic fur coats which they say are from Japan. I actually bought one for myself. hihi. I will surely go back there next time to buy a dozen! hahaha

When you arrive at Gangnam station, take Exit 10 and walk straight until you reach Who.A.U “Who Are You” clothing shop, in front of this is where the Bus Stop is located. Wait for Bus 5002. Fare was 2,100KRW (P100) for one way only with 45mins to 1 hour travel time.

When you reach Everland bus terminal, walk to your left or just follow the crowd to board the shuttle going to Everland Theme Park for free.


Entrance fee is 48,000KRW but when we were about to pay, the teller said “You have 10,000KRW discount so just pay 38,000KRW” Yey! hahaha I think the foreign tourists’ rate is 38,000KRW (P1,800). Another thing I like about South Korea is that they give discounts to foreigners and not to their locals. LOL.




We took a map and highlighted all the rides that we wanted to try. Like we all have the time. HAHAHAHA For Everland’s Guide map, just click this.

Refer to the photos below for the list of exciting attractions. 🙂

We left some of our things in the locker.

Rental fee: 1,000KRW

First thing we tried was Skyway, it’s one of their amenities that would transport you from European Adventure to American Adventure (4-seater).

Then we went to T-Express. T-Express is the world’s steepest wooden roller coaster and the first roller coaster to utilize three trains. It is the best and most unforgettable ride I have ever tried so far!!! It runs a speed of 104 km/hour and it is the second tallest wooden roller coaster in the world. OHEMGEE!!!!!!!! The 3-minute ride felt like the longest one I have ever had! hahahaha I died a lot of times during the entire ride. LOL. Btw, I forgot to mention… we queued for more than 2 hours just to experience this ride but it was really worth it! 🙂


Cameras were no longer allowed during the ride (maybe because it was already dark that time LOL) but I found some clips on Youtube and they’re very hilarious hahaha I’m very sure we had the same funny faces and reactions during the ride. hahahaha If you’re interested about those vids, just click the links below.

Video 1: Two kids

Video 2: T-Express POV

Video 3: Infinite Challenge

During the first 30 seconds of the ride or when it was still going up, you get to appreciate the top view of the entire theme park especially at night because there are a lot of colorful lights everywhere. After which, you then get to appreciate the importance of your life ’cause you’d surely feel you’re gonna die anytime!!! HAHAHAHA I heard many screams at the beginning but when the speed started to increase, everyone was already silent and died in their own seats. LOL I am NOT exaggerating! I swear it’s the most unforgettable ride evurrrr!!!! Please try it so we can exchange funny reactions and stories soon! 😀

Our next stop was supposed to be Zootopia but it was already closed 😦 So Nimfa and I tried the Space Tour (Rio 4D Experience) instead. It’s for the kids, I know right hahaha but at least we have experienced watching a movie in Korean language in the big screen. LOL.

We wanted to try Rolling X-Train but it was also closed already. 😦 Haaaay. One day is really not enough to try all the rides.



Chicken with Fish Chips. Price: 6,000KRW (P290)


My favorite candy store, Weeny Beeny! 🙂

It was a blessing in disguise that we arrived late in Everland because we were able to witness the Moonlight Magic parade. I had no idea about it that was why in our original itinerary, we were supposed to leave the park at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. hahaha

Sorry but our pictures don’t do justice to how amazing the parade was from the colorful costumes, perfect combination of lights to the synchronized dance steps of the participants. So please don’t forget to wait and watch for it when you’re in Everland. 🙂 The parade starts at 7 o’clock in the evening, btw.

After the parade, we wanted to ride the Skyway again going up but we were not able to catch the last ride. We were even begging to the in-charge ‘coz we were just seconds late (imagine?!) but he looked kinda strict so we easily gave up. Boo. haha But wait, another blessing in disguise, yey! hahaha We didn’t know that 20 minutes after the parade, there’s a Christmas Fireworks display. We got really excited when it was announced while we were holding our knees while hiking. LOL (It’s the largest theme park indeed, with walkalators! whew!) So we hurriedly went to Four Seasons Garden and looked for the best spot before the final event starts. We took a video of the fireworks display but the quality wasn’t that good but I found a video in Youtube uploaded by Luke Hebburn here.


We arrived at Gangnam around 9 o’clock in the evening. I was trying to find the Mango Six Cafe, it’s where Cha Eun Sang was working in the Korean film series – The Heirs. We were almost there but a cute Korean guy, whom I just suddenly asked in the street, directed us to the wrong branch of Mango Six Cafe and ’twas already closed. HUHUHU Pahamak talaga mga cute guys sa mundo! HAHAHAHA I will surely find it next time. LOL.
Moving on. We then went to Nandaemun Market, some blogs said that it’s open at night from 11pm to 5am, but when we arrived there, all stores were already closed. Haynakerrr!!! Moving on again. hahaha We looked for a Noraebang nearby. Noraebang means “song”, it’s how Koreans call a Karaoke or Videoke bar. Fortunately, we found one and it’s just actually in the ground floor of a hotel named Hotel Rex but it’s still a li’l “Korean” kind of KTV with tambourine and disco lights. hahaha  The rate was 15,000KRW (P720) per hour.



Few steps from Hotel Rex, we found a 24/7 restaurant named Pomato. 

Ramen Noodles: 3,500 KRW (P170), Bulgogi Kimbap: 3,000KRW (P143)

They’re both very delicious!!! 🙂


Last night at South Korea 😦 😦 😦


Time to go back to the guesthouse. HUHUHU

Kamsahamnida for reading, folks! 🙂 Mwaah! :*



Music Video in South Korea

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9 thoughts on “DAY 4 in South Korea: Everland Theme Park and Noraebang Experience (KTV)

  1. Hi! May I know what time you left Everland? I’m not sure kasi till what time may bus going to Gangnam from there. I want to watch the parade and the fireworks display din kasi. hehe! Thanks! 🙂


  2. Hi! We will visit korea this July 29 and we already got a buy 1 take 1 everland tix but our problem is the transpo. Hahaha I’m not sure about getting the shuttle services because of the early return to seoul and I’m thinking of juat commuting. How much is the total fare from myeongdong roundtrip? And also, is it not hard to find the bus goding back to gangnam? Thanks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Annyeonghaseyo KK! 😁 Myeongdong to Gangnam station via train costs 1,350KRW per head then Gangnam to Everland via bus costs 2,100KRW. So, a roundtrip fare will be 6,900 KRW or P300/head. Don’t worry about going back to Gangnam, there will be a bus from Everland to Gangnam even an hour after the closing time of the theme park. 😀 However, from Gangnam to Myeongdong, you’ll have to ride the cab because their train only operates until 11pm, I guess. That if you’ll be staying at Everland until their closing time. Hehe

      For more info, check my day 4 itinerary at


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