DAY 3 in South Korea: Palace, Traditional Costume Experience and N Tower

Travel guide to South Korea, click here.

DAY 1: Airport, Guesthouse and Myeongdong, click here.

DAY 2: Nami Island, Jade Garden and Petite France, click here.

Gapyeong Tour was supposed to be done on our third day but since Gyeongbokgung Palace is closed on Tuesdays, we had to interchange our Day 2 with Day 3. So that’s one thing you should know or ask Google about – operation days or hours of the tourist spots.


We left the guesthouse around 9:30 in the morning, bought love locks at GS25 convenience store for 5,000KRW then went to Myeongdong Station. We took the subway from Myeongdong to Anguk Station.

stationTotal fare was 1,250KRW. We took Exit 3 in Anguk station and walked straight for about 10 minutes then tadaaaaa!!!!! Changdeokgung Palace, beybehhh! hahaha


Changdeokgung Palace was constructed in 1405 as a secondary palace of the Joseon Dynasty. Entrance fee for the Palace is 3,000KRW while Palace + Secret Garden is 8,000KRW. Closed on Mondays.

Injeongjeon: Throne Hall

Injeongjeon Hall was used for holding formal state events, coronation ceremonies and receptions of foreign envoys.

I guess ’twas also a better decision to visit Nami Island first before the palace because there are so many Maple trees in Nami so we didn’t have to take a lot of photos again with the trees inside the palace. LOL. We just focused on the traditional houses, architectural structures and unadorned buildings instead. 🙂


After visiting this palace, I believe it would be more exciting if we would dress ourselves as queens or princesses. Whatcha think?! Yes??! Weeeehhhh!!! hahahaha 😀

It was already part of our plan to wear a traditional costume or “Hanbok” but we don’t know where, haha kaloka! But fortunately, we found Hanbokyoon while exploring the streets going to Bukchon Hanok Village. Can you imagine, we were just eating this certain food (see image below) while observing the houses and the locals when suddenly my companion, Naima saw a very eye-opening signage! HAHA “Korean Traditional Hanbok & Hanok Experience”

I got super duper excited that I forgot to chew my food and just swallowed it whole right away. HAHA. OA! Hanbokyoon is one of the famous shops for traditional costume and colorful textile in Seoul.

Below is my very simple sketch map of the palace and Hanbokyoon. Please refer to the pictures (labeled with letters) below the map. I hope you understand my illustration. I did my best, y’know. huhu

sketch map

Of if you wanna go directly to Hanbokyoon from Anguk station, refer to the map below which I got from their website.

Take Exit 3 from Anguk station (orange)

Picture D might look familiar to those who have watched Heartstrings or Personal Taste. 🙂

Going back to Hanbokyoon.. now that you already know “Where?” the more important question is “How much?” haha Just check the price list below.

For my chosen costume and accessories, I paid a total of 31,000KRW. Additional 3,000KRW for a printed photo. We spent almost two hours in this place not because of the changing of clothes  but because of the million shots from our cameras. haha



Jongno-gu Gyedong-gil 70-24, Seoul

Visit the palace, check!

Wear traditional costume, check!

Million selfies, check na check! 😀

Now it’s time to try their traditional dining! 🙂

We ate at Gohya restaurant. Gohya means “home” so we experienced the traditional way of how Koreans eat at their homes –  to sit on the floor and eat from a low table. We paid a total of 21,000KRW for these two sets of meal.

For direction, kindly scroll up to the map above. From picture B, just walk straight until you reach Anguk-dong street. Turn left then you will see the Constitutional Court of Korea. Facing this court, Gohya resto is located on the first street on the left side.

133 Anguk-dong Jongno-gu, Seoul

BURRRRPPP!!! Let’s now continue the journey! 😀

I didn’t know the exact address of Pastel de Nata but I know it’s just within the area, well, I was right. It’s located just at the back of the court! Just few steps away from Gohya resto. Yeeeezzz!!!!

4, Gwansu-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Doesn’t this place look familiar? Have you watched The Heirs? If yes, yah yah yaaahhh!!!! That’s the exact place! 🙂 OHEMGEEE!!! I’m such a fan of the series so I really made sure we’d be able to visit this place and luckily, we did! 🙂 Pastel de Nata is actually an egg tart cafe. It’s a famous cafe in Seoul because of its authentic and delicious Portuguese egg tarts. We bought one so that it won’t be shameful to take a lot of photos at the cafe. HAHA

Our next stop is Gyeongbokgung Palace, however, ’twas already closed when we arrived. 😦 We saved another 8,000KRW though. LOL It’s a bit far from Anguk station and we didn’t even know the exact direction. Now you understand why. haha. It’s a huge palace anyway so you can see its roof even if you’re hundred of meters away. We just took few photos outside the palace.


Next spot was N Tower (Namsan Tower). We  took a cab from Gyeongbokgung Palace and the fare was 3,000KRW. We tried to catch the sunset but we failed that’s why we were not able to take photos inside the cable car. 😦 We only took one way for 6,000KRW per person.

When we reached the other side, we were welcomed by hundreds of love locks! Wait, thousands rather. haha Many people are indeed in love. Hello single ladies! 😀


That’s my “pabebe” love lock. haha

N Tower got more famous because of the series “You who came from the stars” and “Boys over flower”.


This is our signatue N Tower pose! 😀 N for Nymfa, Naima and Noraisah! ❤ It's actually OUR tower! hahaha

We bought tickets for Observation Deck only. They also have Alive Museum and fine dining resto packages but we're not yet rich as of now so maybe next time. haha


This elevator is the most amazing one, so far. Its ceiling shows a quick animation as if we’re exploring the galaxy and in just 30 seconds, this express elevator ascends 135 meters to the Observation Deck. Verrry fast, woooh!

Another thing I love in this tower is the Weeny Beeny shop!!! Over 250 candies, chocolates, gummies and all those sweets! I felt like a toddler being surprised with her favorite lollipop. haha


We bought our N Tower photo for 10,000KRW.

We decided to take the stairs going down instead of the cable car so we can experience both ways. But but but… we didn’t realize it was almost a thousand steps! Huhuhu And whenever we came across a person or a couple going up, I would loudly count “1,300.. 1,301..1,302..”  Then they would look at me with a very tired and shocked face. Hahaha

Day 3 was the most tiring day of our trip (prolly the longest blog also haha) we’ve taken almost 100,000 steps. Poor legs and feet. tsk! So we wanted NEEDED to go to Dragon Hill Spa, it’s a “Jjimjilbang” which means Korean sauna or public bath. From N tower, cab fare was 10,000KRW. Dragon Hill Spa is very famous in Seoul. Other Asian and Hollywood stars have visited this place also. It is open 24/7 and package rates for massage are very expensive. So we only paid for the admission fee of 14,000KRW on which you can already make use of their sauna, shower, skin therapy bath, special bath, medicinal bath, swimming pool, sleeping hall, arcade rooms and other facilities. You may check their website for more pictures and information. 🙂

40-712, Hangangno 3-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

We tried almost all of the free facilities for almost 2 hours then we went inside the sleeping hall around 12 midnight and planned to sleep there for an hour but oh my gosh, we woke up around 6 o’clock in the morning!!! hahaha That’s how relaxing the place is. 🙂

This experience is truly an unforgettable and embarrassing (?) one. haha It’s for you to figure out why so kindly include Dragon Hill Spa in your itinerary! 😀

That’s all for our Day 3. Hope you enjoyed reading  ladies and gents! 🙂

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