Plan and save for your next travel

Whether you’re still studying, already working, or handling a business, there will always be a moment when you just wanna escape from the reality and break free! You wanna hold your passport instead of your fully-highlighted book or you wanna hear the airline crew calling your name instead of your boss asking you to separate 3-in-1 coffee.


“When?” “Where?” “How much is the budget?”

These are our usual questions when someone invites us to travel.


If you’re a student, you just need to consider exam dates, holidays or the time when your strict parentals would allow you. hahaha

But if you’re an employee, you just need to be super friendly with your boss! LOL! Kidding. You should have a list of the holidays (national and regional) and long weekends of the year. Check this out for 2016.


We have different choices of travel destination and they sometimes depend on our personalities, hobbies, fears and companions! hahaha “Eh pag kasama ba naman si crush, choosy ka pa ba?” LOL With regard to fears, my friend, who has fear of heights and deep water, prefers city tours than the beach. But if you were a mermaid in your past life, you’d surely love swimming, snorkeling, cliff diving, surfing and the like. Some would prefer mountain-climbing, skydiving, trying local delicacies and attending festivals or visiting historical places. I will write about best places for these activities soon. 🙂

So if you already have a place in mind, these are the things that you need to consider:

  1. Transportation (my next blog will be about airline and hotel-booking tips 🙂 )
  2. Low and High Seasons (to avoid high hotel rates and other fees)
  3. Travel requirements (will surely write about this also :D)
  4. Available itineraries on the net, travel blogs and reviews
  5. Language or dialect (it helps if you know few common phrases) Try this.
  6. Currency and cost of living
  7. Must-try restos or activities, their rates and operating hours or days
  8. Safety and security
  9. Weather or season (for appropriate OOTDs haha)
  10. Guesthouses, backpackers inn and hotels
  11. Availability of ATMs (Make sure to call your bank and give travel advice if you’re flying outside the country so you can use your ATMs abroad)
  12. Network signals or mobile phone coverage
  13. Plug and socket types being used by other countries. Click Me.


If money is not a problem for you, you may skip this part. 😀 Otherwise, please continue! 🙂

No matter how excited you are on your next trip, if your pocket says “No!”, sorry but it’s really a “NO!!!” haha Kidding. Don’t worry, the following tips might help you. 🙂

  1. Set a travel fund (keep it in a piggy bank or in a separate atm if you have one)
  2. Weeks or months before your travel, try to cut down your expenses. Whenever you’re craving for an extra rice, imagine the beach or the new city you’re about to explore. By this simple tactics, you’re not just saving money, you’re also helping your body be summer-ready! 😀
  3. Invite more friends to have lower share in your hotel expenses or package tour rates
  4. Better yet, invite your parents! haha They’ll be your great financers! 😀
  5. Try your luck by joining any contests sponsored by different travel agencies
  6. Sell unnecessary items in your cabinet (like the ones given by your ex? Aww! haha)
  7. Wait for promo fares (will elaborate this on my next blog)
  8. Read travel blogs or magazines (they sometimes give discount coupons or codes for hotels)
  9. If you were being introduced to someone who is from another place or province, set a friendly connection right away. haha Who knows, she might offer a free accommodation if you’ll visit their place soon. 🙂 #strangerswithfuturebenefits LOL

That’s all for now loves! :* If you want to add some of your tips here, just comment below! 🙂 Thanks for reading! 😉


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